olistes bellicosus Marking ID Guide

The table below provides a means of visually identifying the members of the Polistes bellicosus colonies using a paint-spot system. The colors refer only to dots on the thorax of the wasps. Over means that one spot is closer to the head and the other is closer to the abdomen. Next to means one spot is closer to the left wing base, and the other is closer to the right wing base.

Nest ID Wasp ID Color
641light blue
642dark blue
643dark blue over dark blue
645light green next to light green
646yellow next to light blue
1148white over white
1149dark blue
11410orange over orange
11411light blue over light blue
11413dark green over dark green
11414red over red
11416dark green
11417yellow over yellow
11419white next to light green
11420large red
15521light blue over light blue
15522light green
15524dark green
15526light green next to dark green over orange
15527dark blue next to yellow
15528white next to orange

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