Poli 378 - Operations Other Than War

Throughout its history, the United States has used its military forces in a number of situations that clearly fall below the level of combat associated with war.  Examples of this type of mission are: peacekeeping, peacemaking, “restoring stability,” and protecting American citizens and property overseas.

The Marine Corps undertook so many of these missions after the turn of the century that in 1935 they published the Small Wars Manual to collect their experiences so that Marines could learn from it and use it in their own deployments.

Another example of this kind of operation was the deployment in of US Army Rangers, Delta Force Commandos, at least one Navy SEAL, and the associated helicopter crews to Somalia.  This effort culminated in an operation to capture associates of a Somalia warlord on October 3, 1993.  When the dust had settled, 18 Americans were killed and over 70 were wounded (the initial force was about 160; the rescue of this force involved additional Americans from the 10th Mountain Division, as well as armored vehicles from other countries that were part of the UN peacekeeping force in Somalia).  Estimates for the number of Somalia dead are less precise, but the three most commonly-cited figures are (a) 300, (b) 500, (c) ..this is the least cited figure.. – 1000.

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